Odekro Overview

Odekro, seeks to empower communities and marginalized populations to promote transparency, accountability and democratic governance through citizen action and engagement with relevant government agencies. Specifically, the intervention will focus on the Parliament/Legislature of Ghana.

In the Akan chieftaincy hierarchy, the Odekro is the lowest sub-divisional chief responsible for ruling a town and making sure the citizens are taken care of. Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected to serve constituencies and our proposed intervention, Odekro, monitors them.

Our goal is to harness technology in order to create a national platform for promoting transparency and popular participation by providing public online access to Bills, Motions, and Parliamentary debates (Hansards).

Parliament remains a crucial engine for our democracy. While the majority of its workings, votes, motions, committees take place in the open, too often, information that's technically available is difficult to find, access and use. This independent, non-governmental platform aims to make some of that information more easily accessible.

In 2012 Indigo Trust awarded funding to mySociety and Hutspace to collaborate with other partners to design and build Odekro.